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NASA Reveals Findings From Under The Martian’s Surface

According to the recent reports, NASA’s spacecraft which has been sent to search beneath the Mar’s surface has sent its first major findings. The report shows that the planet is active, or it is prone to quakes.

And with the quakes, the mission can trace out the new light of how Mars is formed, as well as the entire solar system. Other major findings reported were that the spacecraft showed that the magnetic field is ten times stronger than it is previously expected.

The Insight has landed during the year 2018 and it traveled over 300 million miles for nearly 7 months. From then, it has been examining the things and happening existing underneath the Martian surface.

The first so-called Marsquake was recorded in April 2019 and since then, it has recorded more than 450 quivers much smaller than those felt on the Earth. While out of which, two were reported to be strong enough to trace them back to their source.

The team also added that the quake came from an active area known as Cerberus Fossae and thus reported that the evidence is strong enough to say that Mars is seismically active. The consequences seen are of the cooling and shrinking of the planet and also caused by tectonic plates running across or moving apart.

The energy released on Mars is reported to be something that is between Earth and the Moon. They also added that the Marsquakes were observed on the Moon during the Apollo era.

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