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NASA’s Four Finalists, Where They Will Go, What Will They Search?

For decades now, mankind has been exploring the solar system and very few missions have been sent to Venus in the recent past. So far, none has directly aimed to study Jupiter’s volcanic moon, IO, or Neptune’s moon, Triton.

Recently on Thursday, NASA announced that are four missions finalized for the next round to explore the solar system under its discovery program. Out of these four, two missions were destined to Venus, while the third one is for Io, and the fourth to target Triton. The team also added that the two missions are selected to fly to their respective places at the earliest.

Here are a few print highlights key for the humans before knowing the missions that are targeted to the solar system. Jupiter’s moon, Io is the fourth-largest moon and is considered as the active body in the entire solar system.

Its geological activity thus results in volcanism which is caused by the tidal forces created by the gravitational tug of Jupiter and the other satellites in the system. While, Neptune’s moon, Triton is the seventh-largest moon in the solar system and it orbits in the opposite direction which is unusual.

Triton is made of frozen nitrogen and is the icy body and reported that its surface is made of a thick core of metal and rock. So far Triton has been seen by only one spacecraft named Voyager 2 when it passes Neptune on its way to our solar system.

Triton is one of the geologically active moons.

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