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NASA’s Lander Locates Unusual Glow In MARS’ Atmosphere

Various interesting studies and researches were published by the journals Nature Geoscience and Nature Communications. All of these discoveries and studies were reportedly made by NASA’s (The National Aeronautics and Space Adminsitration) insight lander.

As per the reports, this lander first touched the Martian surface in November 2018. Since it has made some remarkable discoveries related to the Martian’s surface and atmosphere.

Managing the other analysis in the headlines is the InSight crew ultimately authenticating once and for all that Mars is in particular seismically activated. Different discovery, though, stands out for its absolute weirdness: InSight’s climate science team was capable of confirming unusual shines in the Martian night sky.

The experts at the U.S based space agency have dubbed these strange glows as Airglow. This phenomenon is reportedly caused by photochemical reactions in the sky. Scientists and planetary experts had already predicted this unusual glow but have discovered them recently.

As per the reports, these findings were only possible because of NASA’s specially made lander that is equipped with high tech equipment that are a sensitive host of meteorological instruments.

Planetary experts and researchers were left with one major dilemma: they uncovered loads of data for the presence of dust devils, or “vortices,” near InSight’s landing site. But nothing could be determined through the lander’s latest discoveries.

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