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Sonic The Hedgehog Movie China Premiere Date Postponed Due To Coronavirus.

It seems like Sonic The Hedgehog release date of February 28 in China has been delayed by Paramount due to concerns over the Coronavirus issue.

Sonic The Hedgehog Premier Delayed In China Due To The Spread Of Coronavirus!

The upcoming film is based on the extremely popular video game franchise produced by Sega. Earlier Sony Pictures tried to develop a film adaptation back in 2014 but was able to succeed. It right after a few years when Paramount acquired the rights in 2017.

The film stars some big names including Ben Schwartz as the voice of Sonic, while Jim Carrey is all set to voice Dr. Eggman, Sonic’s arch-nemesis. James Marsden is also going to be a part of the movie. Jim Carrey has been in interviews to talk about his role in the film.

The Spokesman Has Addressed The Issue And Gave A Clear Explanation For It!

Initially, the film got off to a rocky start after the release of the first trailer which received quite the negative backlash from fans. The negativity was due to the poor quality design of Sonic. The makers took the backlash seriously and the film was delayed for three whole months. The original co-creator of the Yuji Naka even thanked fans via his Twitter account for rebelling against the studio’s design. It was indeed needed and the rebellion led to a new and improved design.

Soon enough there was a new and advanced Sonic design and it was better than ever! Paramount spokesperson has issued an official statement explaining that the premiere date is postponed and they will re-announce the new release date some later time. It was indeed a wise decision considering the country is going through a tough time at this point. The virus is spreading at an alarming rate and is spreading to other countries as well.

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