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UFO SPOTTED!!! NASA Shares Footage Of An Unidentified Object Flying Below ISS

The National Aeronautics And Space Administration (NASA) has always given us many pieces of information related to extra-terrestrial life and also about UFOs.

Although many videos and images of many identified objects have been issued by people across the world, nothing official has been said the scientists at the space agency.

Aliens and UFOs still exist only in theories and in our textbooks, but it does not mean that there are no aliens living in the outer world.

Many people have shared strange videos and images that show us some unidentified objects. These images and videos do not have any authenticated source, hence these could not be considered while establishing the existence of aliens and UFOs.

It seems as if scientists have finally found something. Unlike others, this time footage of an unidentified object has been issued by the astronauts living in International Space Station.

The video clearly shows an unidentified object flying across the ISS at an alarming speed. The object does not look like an asteroid instead looks like a spaceship.

Scientists and planetary experts are still looking into this and have not issued any official statement regarding that.

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