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Aliens On MARS!!! NASA’s Scientists Say Aliens Live In Caves Present Below The Martians’s Surface

The National Aeronautics And Space Administration (NASA) has revealed that it might have found the location were aliens live on MARS.

As per the planetary experts and scientists at NASA, the temperature and atmosphere of Mars is hot and humid and is highly radioactive. Hence searching for life forms on the surface of the red planet won’t provide them with any result.

Instead, the scientists have found hundreds of traces of caves below the martian’s surface. Scientists are saying that there are possibilities of the presence of several water bodies in these caves.

Source: ladbible.com

They are also saying that these caves could be the home of aliens that have water sources to survive on this planet with severe conditions.

A scientist from the space agency NASA has even proposed to send various types of equipment on Mars that could search traces of these caves, their water bodies and also of any possible life forms.

As per the sources, the space station is preparing to send a rover up to Mars very soon. It will possibly provide scientists with a deeper insight into what the martian’s surface hold beneath it.

It will make scientists now about the possibilities of the presence of water on Mar’s surface. The rover or any devices that will be sent to the planet will bring back evidence with them that would prove the theory that these scientists are suggesting.

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