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Florida Woman Accused Of Allegedly Leaving Boyfriend To Die During Game Of Hide And Seek

A Florida lady was captured Tuesday after supposedly zipping her sweetheart in a bag and leaving him to bite the dust — all while insulting him on record.

Sarah Boone, 42, told investigators she was playing a round of finding the stowaway with her accomplice, Jorge Torrez Jr., on Monday while drinking liquor. She said the two of them concurred it would be amusing if Torrez bounced in a blue bag in her home outside of Orlando, the news station WKMG revealed.

Be that as it may, she professed to have disregarded the human load — nodding off in her bed for quite a long time before acknowledging Torrez was still inside, as indicated by the report.

Boone said she woke up to her phone ringing and went to go beware of Torrez, additionally 42, just to discover him inert and not relaxing.

She called 911 that evening and police reacted to discover Torrez dead at the scene.

Cops said there was a little cut on Torrez’s lip and wounding around his eye and that they recovered two recordings from Boone’s telephone in which she prods Torres as he’s caught in the bag.

Aid can be heard snickering in one video as Torres gets out her name and says he can’t relax.

“No doubt that is your main thing when you stifle me,” Boone said in one of the recordings, as indicated by the report.

One video shows the bag looking down with Torres pushing trying to get out. A second shows the baggage in an alternate situation as Torres shouts to Boone.

As Torres kept on attesting he was unable to inhale, Boone kept on deriding him in one of the clasps.

“That is on you. Goodness, that is the thing that I feel like when you undermine me,” Boone said.

Representatives advised the outlet they chose to capture Boone subsequent to finding “irregularities” with her announcements and what was caught on camera.

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