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NASA Finds Evidence Of Huge Water Bodies Present On Jupiter

A new piece of information has been received from the NASA’s (National Aeronautics and Space adminsitration) Juno. It was reportedly launched into space in 2011, and since then it has been orbiting around the planet (Jupiter).

The new study reveals that it has found molecules in Jupiter’s surface that are made up of at least 0.25 percent of water molecules in Jupiter’s atmosphere.

Scott Bolton, Juno principal investigator at the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio said in a press conference, “Just when we believe we have things figured out, Jupiter tells us how much we still have to discover.”

Since Jupiter was apparently the primary planet to appear in the solar system it holds most of the dust and gas particles that are not now part of the Sun. If water is really present on Jupiter’s surface, it would definitely help scientists to figure out various things including the evolution of the universe and planets.

NASA’s Voyager probes discovered lightning blasts at Jupiter in the 1970s that suggested the presence of some water.

In 2003, few moments before it was crushed in the depths of the planet’s crushing interior, NASA’s Galileo spacecraft discovered far less than astrophysicists had anticipated.

It was quite surprising because Jupiter’s 79 moons are essentially made of ice, so it was thought that the planet’s atmosphere would hold a huge quantity of water.

Somewhere in late 2018, a group of experts and researchers used information from telescopes to discover a lot of water in Jupiter’s famous Great Red Spot.

Scientists at the space agency are still trying to figure out whether water is available on Jupiter or not. If they successfully discover water on Jupiter, it would definitely help them understand the evolution of the Solar System and Universe.

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