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WARNING!!! NASA Issues Details Regarding An Asteroid Supposed To Come Near To Earth This Weekend

The U.S based Space Agency NASA (National Aeronautics And Space Administration) has located lots of asteroids in the space that cause a potential threat to the Earth.

The scientists have located another such asteroid this year. This was done through NASA’s tackers who noticed this asteroid that is currently traveling towards our planet at a very high speed.

As per the information received from the sources, the agency’s asteroid trackers have located a space rock traveling towards Earth at an alarming speed of 27, 939 miles per hour on a close approach trajectory.

This asteroid has been identified as 2015 BK509 by scientists. As per the reports, it measures between 88 to 200 meters wide in diameter. The scientists and planetary experts at the agency have classified this asteroid as a Near-Earth object.

The experts at the agency have predicted that this asteroid would reach very close to our planet on 29th February, on Sunday.

As BK509 is a comparatively short asteroid, there is a possibility it may either explode up upon its meeting with the atmosphere making it collapse, or it could only create disturbance to the region it crashed on.

It is the enormous space rocks that are a concern, as they could easily result in natural catastrophes on a global scale if they ever collide with the Earth. But luckily, this asteroid is not going to strike with Earth any time soon or ever.

It is because scientists have said that it will be at a distance of 0.04792 astronomical units that is almost equal to 7.16 millions kilometers.

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