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Woman Sent Behind Bars After She Rammed Over Her Boyfriend After A Pity Argument

This story is about a woman from Oklahoma

An Oklahoma woman is sent behind the bars after she rammed her boyfriend by a car over a silly argument.

According to the Bricktown cops, the argument broke over a domestic dispute between the man and his girlfriend, Alysson Skala.
Reportedly, the duo was at the wedding reception, where they had a brawl between them. The two were quarreling in the car and the man who was sitting on the passenger seat turned off the car.

The woman rammed the car over his boyfriend

The victim stepped down from the car started moving, but suddenly he saw his girlfriend turned on the car and began driving, the man tried to rescue himself by running away from the scene, but he couldn’t escape from the scene.
His girlfriend rammed the car on him and sped from the place.

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Source: KTUL.com

The cops tried to provide CPR to the victim

The nearby police who were patrolling that time provided CPR to the victim and immediately took him to the hospital in critical condition.

The police report shows that Skala was given a field sobriety test that she failed and was taken to the Oklahoma County Jail.

The victim is still in the critical room, but his condition is stable now.

Charges against the woman

The girlfriend of the man is sent to jail and is being interrogated by the police officers why she attempted to kill his boyfriend. What was the reason for the argument? The woman will be provided a lawyer to prove herself innocent. But if she is found guilty, then she will be charged with three counts of attempt to murder and running away from the scene. She will also be imprisoned for at least seven years without any chance of parole.

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