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Antarctica’s Long Lost Atlantis Has Been Located Through Google Images

Recent images of Google earth reveal certain regions in Antarctica showed a weird structure. According to the theories of history, the images reveal that this could be the formation of the part of a lost civilization and not just Plato’s mythic Atlantis.

There is a video that lays the potential discovery is posted in the channel and it reveals that a set of lines which is believed by the storyteller is merely an artificial thing and is uncovered as a result of the ice melting.

Source: thelifehacker

It revealed that the structure shows three equally separated parts which are approximately 7 m long. From these images, they predict that the rock has been carved and strongly believed that in Antarctica there was a great civilization flourished once.

They also added that from these they could guess that there are forgotten knowledge about ancient history which they have started to scratch with this discovery. From the top view of the map, the coordinates mentioned are traced out to be located in the north of the Antarctic Peninsula.

Once the priest named Sonchis described how will the Atlantis capital city be and emerged containing the extra plans. He continued describing that it possessed temples, gardens of silver, gold, and ivory and mansions.

Further, he described that the capital once had long walls and islands to protect the inner citadel. According to Plato, the place is located beyond the Hercules pillars and still doesn’t match the place where Plato thinks it has vanished.

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