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VACANCY AT NASA!!! NASA Is Hiring Different Group Of Astronauts

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has recently announced that it has opened applications for the recruitment of the new class of astronauts. So if you have the chance of getting hired then the annual salary ranges from $104, 000 to $161, 000 with the free opportunity of going to space.

It is not easy to get qualified as the space station has come with many guidelines and the candidate has to meet those qualifications before the selection process. Further, Space.com revealed that they had over 18,000 applicants during the last selection process which was around three years ago and out of it 12 were selected. Out of 12, one resigned during the training process.

The agency has come with various stages of the application process and contains rigorous evaluations. The criteria include judging the candidates of how well they mingle with others, make informed decisions, how do they stay motivated, and finally communicate oral and visual media information. NASA further looks for the best candidate who can process the technical information that is very complex.

The interview and the selection process don’t end with this and it further includes the final stage of selection where the candidates have to undergo additional assessments, psychiatric conditions, interviews, and medical screening procedures.

Finally, the candidates who pass through multiple stages of screening have to complete the Astronaut candidate program for two years. The program contains skill training, Russian language abilities, aircraft flight readiness, and other extravehicular activity skills.

Candidates who have completed the entire selection programs will further be eligible for a spaceflight mission as an astronaut corps member. For further is available on the website.

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