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Asteroids Will Destroy And Bring An End To Humanity, Says Space’s Author

As everyone knows that around 66 million years ago, an asteroid hit the earth with its full swing and the collision thus resulted in mass extinction of dinosaurs and almost 70% of the species on the Earth were wiped out. Since then, the blue planet has not faced such an event that happened and helped a lot in human evolution thereby.

However, the astronauts and space experts argue that humans cannot take out the possibility of such an event happening in the future as these types of dreaded asteroid hits are not restricted to the past.

According to David Whitehouse who is a space author, he believes that both small and large asteroids have created huge debris around the earth and thereby threatens the existence of mankind on the blue planet. He further warned that such an event might happen in the future and it will turn the Earth into an airless burnt cinder.

He further explained that there were cores of dead planets that continue hitting each other in the solar system, and this occurs due to the gravitational pull of the Jupiter that rips them apart.

The author also claimed that the solar system had more planets during the initial days of its formation, and these planets hit each other creating the debris back on the Earth. Few planets flung out into space while few got destroyed. He said that the Earth once remained moonless and we got our natural moon after the collision with a planet-like object.

Finally, the author claimed that there are chances for the space rocks to come close to the earth one day and if there is collision humankind will be wiped off from the Earth’s surface.

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