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Queen Sono Season 1 On Netflix! Ending Explained!

Pearl Thusi starrer Queen Sono’s first season left the fans with a hell lot of questions, and a pool of dilemmas as the show was quite complex, and the ending completely tangled the wires of the brain. The ending of the first season left many with a hell lot of questions than they were expecting to have at the end of the show.

Although there are several movies and TV series with complex endings and you have to connect a lot of dots to articulate what happened? This show also comes from the same segment where ends are deliberately kept complicated to leave the fans wondering with a hell lot of possibilities to ponder over. Now this time, we will help decipher the end of Queen Sono’s season one end.

Queen Sono Season 1
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Queen Sono has featured in the show as an agent of the South African secret service called the Special Operations Group (SOG). The confusion arose when the fans were left at the same juncture where the show has started, and this is the core behind the whole confusion, and this left most of the fans wondering what could be done by the rebel group named as Watu Wema.

There are multiple points where the mystery remains unsolved, and it has all the elements to keep the fans in a state of surprise where they don’t know how to assess it any different than what has been shown in the series. The Russian plan was one of the bones of contention where the Russian security solutions company was about to take over Africa, and needless to say, there were grave consequences attached to it. Ekaterina takes over Supreme Solutions, and the problem begins as she wants to have it both ways, she wanted to have the cake and eat it too.

Well, that doesn’t happen usually, and she wants to privatize the military and want to establish direct control over Africa. Her aim was fuelled by the political instability which has engulfed Africa for way too long, and these are the instances where the real problem begins. Her aim seems to be quite clear by overthrowing a legitimate government by propaganda and a private militia.

Another bone of contention is with Safiya Sono’s death, and this trivialized the fans as they weren’t able to ascertain as to what has happened to her. Hendrikus Strydom, the alleged killer of Safiya Sono, has been one of the most confusing characters as he narrates a wrong story to Queen to convince her that there bigger and influential forces behind her mother’s assassination.

Any political assassination has everything to do with those who have vested interest in their deaths, and there is no chance on earth that Hendrikus Strydom, who claims to be a commoner, had any reason to assassinate someone with Safiya Sono’s stature.

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It will be really interesting to see how things add up in the next season, and perhaps the next season will try to put some light on these concealed facts which don’t add up to the expected storyline.

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