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Elemetary School Teacher Accused Of Bashing Student’s Head Into Desk For Allegedly Stealing A Juice Box

A Texas-based teacher is booked for smashing the student’s head

An elementary school teacher from Texas was accused of breaking the head of a 5th-grade student in the school for stealing a can of juice.

The teacher dragged the student from cafeteria to the classroom

Officers reported that the incident occurred at the Post Elementary School in Harris County. The cameras from inside the school apparently captured the unknown teacher who dragged Kamarui Williamson who was 11 years old from the canteen to a classroom that was not equipped with a camera.

Chelsea Murfree, a lawyer representing the Williamson family, said the teacher tore the boy’s sweater before slapping his forehead in the classroom.

Kiana Randolph, the victim’s mother told the news channel that she was extremely distressed by watching the surveillance video.

The boy got six stitches on his head 

Randolph said his son had a wound on the forehead that needed six stitches. The boy’s injuries were so alarming that he was flown to the hospital, according to the officers.

A district spokesman said the teacher involved in the alleged incident was on leave during the investigation. Reporters visited the teacher’s house on Thursday and found the house empty and sold.

Murfee said existing laws prevented the boy’s family from suing the school district. At this time, the mother is focused on distributing surveillance records to the public.

No judgment has been released by the authorities yet as they are still an investigation into the case.

The teacher has been suspended until the investigation is going on.

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