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Brace For The Impact!!! Two Solar Radiation Waves Might Fall On Earth In March

It seems as 2020 is the years destined for asteroid attacks, finding aliens, discovering new planets, and related things that could have an impact on human beings both positive and negative.

As per the information received from the sources, it is said that waves of Solar radiation will supposedly fall upon the Earth in March. It is assumed that two radioactive waves of geomagnetic disturbances would fall on Earth,

Magnetic tornadoes are anticipated in the time from 18 to 20 March and from 27 to 28 March. The Department of the planet becomes unbalanced due to solar flares of coronal mass evictions.

When these kinds of events take place in the atmosphere of a celestial body even for a few minutes, a huge amount of energy is emitted. It is said that the energy emitted is no less than the explosion of billion megatons of TNT.

Just months before, astrophysicists reported the beginning of a fresh twenty-fifth cycle of solar movement. On the exterior of the star, they have noticed an unexpected radioactive point.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) Scientists Observatory, bestowed him with the room AR2758. Scientists and researchers consider that the beginning of the 25th cycle depicts magnetic polarity in the located field.

As per the experts, the polarity of the southern sunspots-/+, while the newly detected one has the opposite +/-.

Solar Radiation is a very serious and dangerous thing. If humans get into direct contact with these radiations, it could have a deadly impact.

It can lead to many catastrophic events that could even turn deadly. Let us hope for the best.

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