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7 Seeds Part 2: When It’s Release? And What Fans Expected From It

7 Seeds Part 2: 

7Seeds is a Japanese science fiction anime series produced by producers Gonzo and Studio Kai.  It is directed by Yoko Takahashi.  Netflix has adopted it as one of the cores of Netflix.  Here every detail related to it…

When will “7 Seeds Season 2” be released?

The original manga has 149 chapters, of which Part 1 has already eaten 83. There are now 96 chapters left.  Therefore, we can assume that Part 2 will be longer than Part 1 or that Part 3 is also likely (Part 3 may be much shorter).  If Part 2 is the same size as Part 1, there is also a chance that a three-tier movie will appear instead of Part 3 to wrap everything up with climax.
As Netflix announced, Part 2 will have 12 episodes.  But how many chapters will be covered by Part 2 is still uncertain, and we will have to wait for Part 2 to finish. So we can only guess if any part 3 is possible. Netflix recently answered the question of whether Part 2 will arrive in February 2020. Netflix has announced that Part 2 will be streaming on March 26, 2020. Until then, all anime lovers will expect this.  A few more weeks.

What Fans Expected from the Plot of the Show?

7Seeds takes us to the later stage of an apocalypse.  A team of astronomers warned the world that a meteorite will soon fall on Earth and destroy civilizations.  As a measure to prevent the rehabilitation of the post-Earth apocalypse, world leaders develop a survival plan, the “7Seeds Project.”
Each country protects a few people in cryogenic conditions that cannot be affected by the destruction of meteorites.  After the meteorite falls, and these people will begin a new human life on the new earth.
Japan forms 5 groups of 7 members, each called Winter, Autumn, Spring, Summer 1 and Summer 2. None of the 35 members is informed of the upcoming apocalypse and what happens after their work.  After the destruction, and each group begins a new life in different cities in different directions in Japan, respectively.
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