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Boy, 8, Dies From Injuries After 8 Years As Mother Was Gunned Down While She Was Pregnant With Him

Child dies at 8, after 8 years being injured while the mother was pregnant and gunned down Reports

Whole incident:

An 8-year-old boy in Illinois died of injuries earlier this month when his mother, pregnant with him, was shot in 2011.

The sources reported that Kahamani Mims-Jefferson died on March 8, who was born prematurely and had multiple gunshot wounds before his birth. The mother of a 17-year-old boy, Charinez Jefferson, was on his way home from a convenience store with a group when 18-year-old Timothy Jones shot him in the heart, leg, and head.

Reports made on it:

Reports indicated that one of the people with Jefferson was part of a rival gang. Jones got into his car and tried to shoot a rival member, but he escaped leaving Jefferson.

Jefferson begged for his life, but Jones also shot him. The pregnant teenager was killed almost immediately, but her unborn child was successfully taken to a hospital.

An autopsy confirmed Mims-Jefferson’s death as a homicide. Her mother died from injuries sustained during the shooting and reportedly became deaf and blind and unable to speak, walk and breathe.

Charges implemented on child mothers murderer, will the murder charges would be increased:

Sources reported that a hospital nurse adopted Mims-Jefferson. His mother’s murderer was sentenced to 90 years in 2016. It is not immediately clear if Jones will face a long sentence, as the Chicago police are still investigating.

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