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Coronavirus: Man Arrested After He Failed To Self Isolate Himself, Fined £10K

Man arrested as a 26-year-old man does not self-isolate and now fined £ 10,000 – Reports

Crime committed by the 26-years old man:

A British man faced three months in prison or a £ 10,000 fine that he was arrested for allegedly not immolating himself. Police confirmed that a 26-year-old British Briton was detained after arriving on the Isle of Man on Thursday night.

The island, which is an autonomous dependency of the British Crown, passed emergency legislation on Tuesday to deal with the Kovid-19 outbreak. Police were instructed to arrest the newcomers who did not separate for 14 days, even if they show no symptoms. The man is the first Britain arrested for violating strict quarantine rules in an attempt to stop the spread of killer viruses in many countries. Now he faces fines of up to £ 10,000 and could face up to three months in prison.

Has there been any arrest made regarding this crime:

The arrest occurs just as the Isle of Man confirmed its first coronavirus case today. Despite there having been no case so far, the region’s Prime Minister Howard Quelle announced emergency measures on Monday in light of the global coronavirus epidemic.

Mr. Quelle said: We are taking steps to protect our residents and ensure that life can continue normally during this unpredictable time. Ising We are discouraging all non-essential travel from the island, and the measures to be introduced starting tomorrow are aimed at reducing the risk of reducing the population of people visiting the island. The man is scheduled to appear in court today.

Authorities statement on this matter:

a statement released this morning confirming the arrest, the police said: Please follow the instructions issued by the government and think about the safety of the community. This is a constantly evolving situation and we must work in the best interest of keeping people safe.

The legislation comes after Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced a new law in the United Kingdom that would grant unprecedented powers to law enforcement agencies. Police, public health and immigration officials will be able to detain people suspected of being fined Kovid-19 and Dish 1,000 pounds for rejecting tests under government-implemented emergency powers on Covid-19 tomorrow.

Source- Metro

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