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Letter To The King: Review! Is This Netflix’s Lord Of The Rings

This six-episode fantasy saga seems to be a translation of a 1962 novel by the Dutch author Tonke Dragt — although it also bears a connection with Lord of the Rings, especially given the remarkable film trilogy of Peter Jackson’s alum. This remains to be seen if it breaks new ground or the same old sword and sorcery.

Review Of Letter To The King

The Start Of The Series

The first moments of the series take us to a long-term world in which the Northern Kingdoms of Unauwen and Dagonaut, thanks to the pitiful actions of the Unauwen prince, Viridian (Gijs Blom), are at war with their Southern neighbors in Eviellan. We soon learn that Eviellan has designs to strengthen his strength, plans that align with an ominous gathering of darkness that threatens the world. It will take a special hero to combat this mystery, a narrator will reveal early, one still to emerge.

Full Of Quests

The show ventures into popular tropical fantasy. It is a tale of Chosen One, full of quests and horrible enemies, and there is no reason for it. Yet it also removes some of those aspects, including the removal of a bit of humor in a later episode to take the rug out of the audience.

Teenager Who Attempts To Become A Knight

Formula tinkering begins much sooner. His impossible character seems unlikely. Amir Wilson’s friendly but firmly unimposed star is Tiuri, a teenager who attempts to become a knight and does not find it convenient. He appears to have been born in Eviellan and adopted by the Dagonaut Noble, as opposed to other squires, and he is only allowed through some well-placed bribes of his family.

Black Knight

It involves spending a solemn, quiet night with the other squires in a spooky, remote temple, disrupted by the page’s arrival who serves the famous yet critically wounded Black Knight with the White Shield. With his breadth of death, the Black Knight threatens Tiuri with a letter warning the king of the nation of the intentions of Viridian.

Tiuri’s Story

The story of Tiuri focuses on the show, but there are also other subplots around it. He is pursued by the awful Red Riders, but also by the old squires, who worked with him, a friendly group of people who are beginning to change their loyalties as they hear more about Tiuri’s story. Along the way, he encounters the wild, eccentric Lavinia (Ruby Ashbourne Serkis), who becomes a guarded friend as he crosses risky terrain, including a monastery that is the home of convicted criminals.

Concepts Of Distinction And Cultural Discrepancies

Davies makes good choices to give the tale a modern spin without losing the imaginative spirit of classical fantasy writing for children. The Eviellans, like Tiuri, have darker skin than the northern conquerors. The scripts discuss concepts of distinction and cultural discrepancies and myths without making these things interfere with the adventure.

Presence Of Actual Magic

Some of the times, though, it clips from one unforgettable location and action to another, including first Tiuri. Tirui and Lavinia, face challenges ranging from the relentless Red Riders to the wandering magician who feels the presence of actual magic when he gets close to them. In essence, an essential aspect as the series moves towards a finale that opens the doors to future installations.

They would be pretty welcome if they suit this season. Veterans fantasy fans will not be shocked by the King’s Letter, but they will undoubtedly be disappointed by the charismatic cast and outstanding production values. Yet fantasy newcomers will be spellbound by all the confrontational swords yet mountains. This is an ideal, unscrupulous portal to more significant, darker, fantasy worlds.

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