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Star Trek Or Star Wars? Which Is Better! We Settle The Debate

The science-fiction universe is dominated by two-story franchises: Star Wars and Star Trek. The latter first appeared in 1966 as a TV movie, while the former made its debut in theatres a decade later. Since then, they have been continuously weighed against each other, with dedicated fandoms claiming that their franchise is superior on both sides of the debate.

We will try to answer the old question and see what the other end will be. In one hand there are hundreds of episodes of five separate TV series and 12 films, and on the other, there is a dynamic network of seven films rooted in television and littoral canon. In specific ways, it is a contrast of the form “apples and oranges.”

Star Trek

Science Into Science Fiction

Anyone who argues for Star Trek’s case will automatically point to its more fundamental truth, transforming science into science fiction. Also, you can say very well that Star Wars is far more a science fantasy category thanks mainly to the actual existence of magic.

Own Reality

Trek is in our reality, as humans have developed long-range space travel for hundreds of years to come. Wars, on the other hand, happen in a mythic world “far away,” making it more difficult to portray in practical terms.

Intellectual Elements

Trekkies points to the intellectual elements of the show for their franchise. Both the original and the next generation series deal with moral values, the duty of advanced civilizations that interfere in less developed societies and several other complexes and nuanced stories. For most of its time, it is known as the Science Fiction series of the thinker, and most fulfilled its promise.

Star Wars

Broader Appeal

Although Trekkies view Star Wars’ broader appeal as negative, fans of the series produced by George Lucas see things a little differently. The Wars fandom is distributed around the world, as shown by the single 6 million dollars in IMAX sales. The Force Awakens has earned on presales.

Goes Beyond Boundaries

Star Wars goes beyond boundaries, classes, and desires as something that Geeks and Jocks alike enjoy. Those who saw A New Hope in 1977 recall the first time the Star Destroyer crossed the screen, and since then this feeling of excitement has been passed on to their children.

Encourages To Dream

Star Trek will encourage his followers to believe, but Star Wars challenges his public to dream. We reveal fantastic elements in the story of the classical hero, showing us the ancient good and evil struggle in each of us. She does not attempt to pretend that all of her technology is nearly practical, but what she does is to make us want it. Find a kid who doesn’t want his light-saver after first seeing the movies, and we will be more than a little surprised.


What it’s all about, this just is a matter of choice. If you’re an intelligent diehard sci-fi fan of the genre, then Star Trek is the far superior option here. If you’re less interested in realism and more of a simplistic adventure story, then Star Wars is the way forward.

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