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The Order Season 2: Will The Series Continue? Here’s What Fan Should Know

The Order TV show was an excellent follow up of shows such as The Umbrella Academy, which have already engaged audiences as part of Netflix’s initiative to create more original content, particularly content that aims to the science fiction, fancy, and supernatural crowd.

On March 7, almost one year after the streaming service, the Order TV show, produced by Dennis Heaton, launched in Netflix. The Order TV show follows college student Jack as he joins the Blue Rose Hermetic Order–a secret order which teaches and practices magical practice. But things don’t go as expected, of course.

While recently released The Order TV series, it has already begun actively. The Order Season 1 was watched by more than 12 million viewers, according to third-party research firms, which is more than enough for Netflix to justify order season 2.

Will There Be The Order Season 2?

Netflix didn’t waste time announcing The Order will come back for a second season! The news was announced on March 28, but when production begins for Season 2, it remains to be heard.

Netflix released next to the announcement a second season video. It sees the main cast gathered around an old book and shows the liquid for the second season.

We were also confirmed to have 10 new episodes in the Order early in the second season.

The Order Season 2
Source: Decider

Expected Release Date:

Theoretically, if Order season 2 occurs, it will reach development by late spring so that it can finish by the end of the summer. The Order Season 1, which was reportedly done in July 2018, and the eight-month post-production period indicates Netflix will set the release dates for the Order Season 2 for around the same time the next year. In this regard, the date of release for Order season 2 should be set around spring 2020.

Expected Plot Details:

Judging from how the first season of the Order began, the second season of the order tale would be one that viewers want to see happening. During the season 1 final Edward (Max Martini) attempts to take advantage of the Vade Maecum, but he must kill his first-born son during Order to complete the spell. Following a trick with a golem, the spell turns Edward back and kills him. Yet the Order season 1 didn’t end there.

Following the death of Edward, Jack asks him to remain a member of the Blue Rose Hermetic Order as well as of the werewolf group and the Order’s chief adversaries, the Knights of St Christoph. Though his request has been approved, Katharine Isabelle’s Vera initially got Alyssa to blow white powder into Jack’s face, erasing Jack’s memory of The Order.

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