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Oneweb Launches Another Set Of 34 Satellites Into Space For Improving Internet Connectivity

Satellite Operator company OneWeb had turned itself into satellite launchers too which seems that now SpaceX is not the only company to launch Internet Satellites.

The launch took place on March 21 with about 34 satellites launched through Soyuz rocket from Kazakhstan.

The launch of all the satellites was successful, also being Oneweb’s third launching of the satellites. OneWeb aims to provide Internet services to all the people globally which would be hassle-free.

It had planned to launch around 650 satellites for the same whereas SpaceX had already launched 360 satellites till now.

However, this is not something really good if we look at the future perspective of it, as thousands of satellites are presently working in the space which had created satellite traffic.

The astronomers are worried about the night sky! OneWeb would conduct demos of providing internet facilities to the public by the end of 2020 and commercial purposes would be made available by the end of 2021 for the different sectors.

Although the satellites were launched for betterment, the same has been highly criticized by many astronomers and planetary experts from all over the world.

Astronomers believe that these satellites have created traffic in the space and a wall between them and space.

It has made difficult for experts to observe asteroids and other celestial objects and keep a regular watch on them.

It has also some operations of astronomers working in ISS (International Space Station).

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