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Police Busts Teenager Who Ran Around Store Claiming To Have Coronavirus In A Prank Video


In Virginia, Virginia does not charge two teenagers who filmed themselves spitting products in a grocery store and uploading the video to social networks.

Authorities warn of the “disruptive trend” that has occurred on social media as the coronavirus pandemic worsens and urges parents to monitor their children’s actions online.

The incident in Purcellville, Virginia, was about 90 miles from the White House, occurred in a Harris Teeter store on March 18, according to the Washington Examiner. However, the police found that there was no criminal intent.

The storekeepers immediately called the officers

The store quickly informed the police and recalled the affected products to ensure the safety of its customers against the coronavirus.

The investigation found that the teens approached other clients and coughed on their own sleeves while filming him on their cell phones.

Schools have been shut down 

Since schools have been closed to allow social detachment to reduce the spread of coronavirus, police have asked parents to monitor their children’s activities, including activities on social media, “to prevent behavioral encouragement, trigger fear. ”

“With schools closed, this will give children more time, especially young people who are often not closely monitored,” police said.

Facebook’s statements as part of the police statement asked why nothing was done to keep children and adolescents at home if they were to be socially alienated.

Schools across the country have closed in the past two weeks to help authorities control the spread of the coronavirus.

Older people are more likely to get affected

Although evidence from China, the country affected by a serious epidemic, suggests that young people were not as likely to be at risk of contracting the virus as the elderly, as many cases as in the United States In the United States so far, this suggests that not all young people are necessary. People are as immune to serious health complications as initially thought.

 what was in the video?

A video posted on TikTok shows two people in a grocery store, one of them coughing and sneezing while shopping. Finally, she gave him toilet paper to deal with the sneeze.

Another photo in a Canadian store tells jokes about how people react when someone begins to cough during the current pandemic.

If one man pretends to cough, the other runs down the hall in the opposite direction.

Much of the information published under hashtags come from customers trying to panic with long queues and empty shelves, which makes the normal task more difficult than before.

Others perform grocery dances to elevate the mood of those struggling to get their supplies from the crowd.

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