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Vue js, React js, Angular js; which one is better option to opt?

Front-end is continuously changing as one of the most diverse areas of software design. So much so that it can seem difficult to keep up with the many new patterns and instruments at times. JavaScript structures along with HTML and CSS have become an essential part of every modern software project’s front end development. 2020 will be another year of picking the appropriate javascript platform for your web app development plan.


Vue’s biggest advantage in vue battle against angular is the lack of history. It’s new and its baggage is tiny. It has learned from React & Angular’s errors and achievements. Vue is light & easy to understand, the way we see it. Vue.js is a JavaScript framework developed to create web applications. This also is a “template” when paired with certain other tools. Vue services is a big community with cool new product popping up everyday.


In 2013, Facebook engineers developed React.js and it captured programmers ‘ hearts very shortly. React is a feature oriented UI library designed to build operating systems. Facebook uses react In many of their applications.


Angular was first published in 2010 by Google engineers, and the first edition of this software was renamed AngularJS, making it the earliest framework on this series.

Now when we are here to discuss that which one is the best option, we clearly ned to compare the trio. Lets have a look at how these three differ;


React is the most widely used application according to patterns in the NPM. It doesn’t mean they are the strongest though. To decide the right alternative, further tests need to be looked at further. When we compare the success of Angular vs React vs Vue in 2020, Stack Overflow Dynamics indicates that React gets the highest percentage led by Angular. Nevertheless, the success of Vue has been slowly growing over the past few years.


Perfomance is one of the most fundamental aspects to remember when applying for a front-end. And when quantifying Angular, React and Vue output, please note that DOM is regarded the UI of any application. This can be used as a simulated DOM or a real DOM in two ways. Framework / library output is greatly influenced by them. Let’s see what Angular vs React vs Vue 2019 uses for recognizing their efficiency level:

Angular’s actual use of DOM affects its performance and potential to render complex mobile applications. In fact, it contributes to poor performance of this Javascript application.

React makes use of interactive DOM. It isn’t unique and lightweight client. It is supported for free in react package and removes the problems of real DOM slow performance.

Vue took on all of the strong frameworks attributes introduced before it. With the same concept, vue development uses Virtual DOM as a framework embraced by React. This means the result is smoother and bug-free.

Development and Communtiy

Now that you’re acquainted with the past and patterns of each of these structures, we’ll look at the idea to determine how these structures are evolving. We have also noted that small updates have been frequently delivered over the past year for all of the systems, which means that the production is going on throughout. Vue has a multitude of watchers, lights, and forks. This demonstrates its success and importance among consumers by comparing Vue vs React. The number of users to Vue is nevertheless smaller than that of Angular and Response.

Bottom line

Comparing the results by testing three similar applications on one of these systems, we find that React.js has the smallest package size, but in the case of the Vue.js device the loading time is the highest. Bringing all the details you have find in this article into account, it will now be easier to pick the most suitable structure for your intent.

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