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Lucifer Season 5: Here’s What All We Know About Release Date, Casting And Storyline.

Fans were elated when the popular show Lucifer became the successful revival story of Netflix. After the show being canned off by Fox, it was quickly picked up by Netflix and renewed for more seasons as well!

The Filming Of Lucifer Season 5 Is Already Under Production? Do We Have A Release Date Yet?

However, the excitement was short-lived as the showrunner Ildy Modrovich said that the show will be coming back for a fifth and final season! Co-showrunner Joe Henderson also took this opportunity to thank fans and also now they would finish the story on their own terms.

Moreover, Richard Speight, Jr. will be returning to direct the final season 5. It was already revealed that the first scene of season 5 has already been written. Soon enough during early September 2019, Netflix announced that season 5 had begun filming. So, the wait won’t be a long one it seems.

Is Lucifer Going To Run Even After The Fifth Season?

With Chloe bidding her final goodbyes and also finding it difficult to come in terms with Lucifer’s demonic sides, we know we still have a lot to look forward to. All we know is even Eve can come back in the fifth season as well. Moreover, the fifth season has roped quite a few new characters. Matthew Bohrer will be the newest addition in the show along with Chaley Rose and Brianne Davis as well. A few more actors are expected to come in the fifth and final season of the show.

However, fans would be glad to know that there have been ongoing talks between Netflix and Warner Bros. to keep Lucifer going even beyond the fifth season. This news was solidified when the showrunners signing up for another season and in March 2020, alongside Tom Ellis who also signed on for more episodes as well.

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