Researchers Examined Sting Theory Using NASA’s Chandra Space Telescope

From the recent reports of the space agency, they said that the astronomers have probed the Perseus galaxy cluster during the search of undetected particles that help to support string theory.

String theory is the idea that all forces, interactions, and particles can be connected by a single framework to understand the physical universe. Now, a team of astronomers in NASA uses its Chandra X-ray observatory to study galaxy clusters – which are large structures in the universe that are held together by gravity – to look for the signs of ultra low mass particle known as axion, whose existence is predicted by many models of string theory. They further added that though these particles take a long shot to have a look, they are great places to view.

These Axion particles have incredibly low masses that range from a millionth of the mass of the electron down to that of zero mass. These particles might further convert into photons that make light when they pass through the magnetic fields. Under certain conditions, these protons are capable of converting into Axions. But again the scenario of these conversions depends on the mass of the particles and how easily they can make the conversion known as convertibility.

As part of the study, the astronomers using the Chandra space telescope, study about the spectrum of x-ray emissions that are produced by materials falling towards the supermassive black hole which is located at the center of the Perseus galaxy cluster. However, the team did not detect any distortion in the X-ray emissions that would indicate the axion-like particles were present.


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