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The Haunting Of The Bly Manor: Do We Have A Release Date? Here’s What We Know

The Haunting Of The Hill House is among other Netlfix’s horror series that has been highly appreciated by the viewers globally. The show has never disappointed its viewers with its amazing thrilling and horror plot leaving everyone in shock and in suspense.

The show has never failed to come up with surprises that were very creative and haunting as well. The makers have just launched the season one of this show that was highly praised worldwide. The show was so successful that the fans are now demanding the makers to release the second season of the show that has been named as Haunting of the Bly Manor.

What Have Makers Planned For The Show

Throughout the complete season, one, The Haunting of The Hill House, the makers tried to show you all the beautiful moments that everyone cherished and enjoyed. Now, the makers have officially stated that they are coming up with the second season of The Haunting of Hill House very soon.

Flanagan even shared a post on his official twitter handle earlier this summer where he informed the fans and viewers as to who might play what in the upcoming series.

Expected Cast Of The Haunting Of Bly Manor

As per the information received from sources,  the viewers will witness Henry Thomas who played the role of youthful Hugh Crain, Oliver Jackson-Cohen who took the job of Luke Crain and fan-most loved Kate Siege. She is also known for her humor throughout the piece of Theodora Crain.

Apart from these actors, you will also see Victoria Pedretti performing her part in the upcoming series.

Expected Plot Of The Haunting Of Bly Manor

Maker Mike Flanagan recently stated in a press conference regarding the plot for the second season.

He said, “The story of the Crain family is revealed. It is finished. I really truly sense that there is a comprehensive collection of quite a few bearings we could go in. Along with the house or with one part fully unique. I really just like the possibility of a bunch too.

Expected Release Date Of The Haunting Of Bly Manor

Unfortunately, the makers of the show have not revealed any kind of information regarding the release date of this show.

No information has been provided regarding the production process of the second seas. We can only assume that the makers could broadcast the second season of this show in mid-2020.

This is just an assumption as no concrete information has been provided by the makers regarding the release date of this show.

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