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Shazam 2: How Much DC Fans Have To Wait For This Upcoming Superhero Movie

The Marvel Studios has built and raised up its cinematic universe with some of the most popular movies being produced in Hollywood, and for much of that time, DC Comics and Warner Bros. have done everything in their power to create a franchise right that exists on a similar level.

We have been watching a new cinematic era for the brand play out going back to the announcement of the drama Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel in 2013, and while there have been certain ups and downs during that period, work is still being done. It is not the original DC Extended Universe as anybody planned it, but there is still an interesting future waiting to unfold for Superman, Batman, and company.

Release 2

Even if an artist Shazam sequel is published soon, be advised fans and supporter should not assume to see the movie until 2022 at the earliest given both the packed slate of movies DC has on the horizon and the amount of time assured to develop Shazam 2 to be as good as the first.


In Shazam 2, we can reportedly find Black Adam, the nemesis of Shazam, that will be performed by Dwayne Johnson’s presence. Nonetheless, it is for sure that he did not have a part in the sequel. In Shazam’s post-credits scene, we watched Mister Mind and Dr. Sivana plays the role of Mark Strong working together, so they will be the main villains of Shazam 2.

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