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Warner Bros. Postponed The Release Date Of Animated Movie ‘Scoob!’ Due To Coronavirus.

With the deadly COVID-19 virus spreading all over the world like wildfire, many sectors are largely hit by the pandemic including the Entertainment Industry at large. With several projects getting delayed, the future of these films is looking somewhat bleak in the face of a global crisis.

Warner Bros Has Delayed The Release Date Of Scoob Film, Due To This Recent Turn Of Events!

To ensure everyone’s safety and also so that no one contracts the disease any further, everyone is advised to stay indoors and not come out in public places. This has forced studios to withheld the release date of several upcoming movies. Recently, Warner Bros. has also delayed two of their upcoming projects.

The studio has delayed the release of the Scooby-Doo film, which stars an ensemble voice cast including Mark Wahlberg and Zac Efron, which was scheduled for a May 15 release.

Studios Are Delaying Or Withholding All The Ongoing Projects During This Time Of A Global Crisis!

Warner Bros. has not yet announced a release date yet. We are sure it will.be announced once this pandemic scare subsides. The study has also halted all the ongoing shows and TV series as well. It is an initiative done to ensure everyone’s well being. It is also.done so that no one contracts the virus from people who might test positive.

Warner Bros. Is not the only studio to take this step as many other studios are also doing the same. Some of the most anticipated movies of this year including Mulan, Wonder Woman, A Quiet Place 2 and other movies are also delayed as well. While other films that are still in production are also withheld until further notice. The future of the films is still uncertain as the virus is still posing to be a huge threat over mankind.

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