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Alita: Battle Angel 2: Do We Got The Release Date Yet, Cast And Plot?

Alita: Battle Angel received some mixed reviews from viewers. However, fans who.loved the film has already labeled themselves as the Alita Army. These fans seem to have found another ally from the “Alita: Battle Angel” cast as well. These people are advocating for a sequel.

What Is Leading To The Delay Of Alita: Battle Angel 2?

Actor Keean Johnson has also revealed that he has also been a fan of the first movie and hopes that “Alita: Battle Angel 2” would happen in the future. The actor further says that the plot story has high potential and can be more than just a sequel.

It is not only Keean who is hopeful for a sequel but Rosa Salazar and top members of the production team have all confirmed that they would want to work on a sequel if given a chance by the studio. The whole is keen on working on a sequel and fans are eagerly looking forward to it.

Is The Recent Disney- Fox Merger One Of The Reason Of The Delay?

However, it is assumed that the recent Fox and Disney merger could be a major factor in the delayed decision about the sequel. Another issue that might have contributed to the delay of the sequel is the box office performance of the first film itself. The earlier lukewarm response from the first film might be the reason why the studio is thinking over their decision.

Experts have noted that the low box office collection might have made the Alita: Battle Angel2 production less likely. Since Disney is yet to decide the film’s future it is a tad bit early to predict anything about a possible sequel. The makers are also assuming that whether the sequel will be released on the big screens or on the Disney streaming service.

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