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Black Widow: Is There A Hawkeye Cameo? Here’s What We Know

Black Widow’s Trailer Hints Presence Of Hawkeye Cameo

The main trailer for Marvel’s Black Widow has dropped, giving fans their first official look at the baffling Taskmaster. In spite of the fact that we don’t think a lot about this cycle of the character, the comic book lowlife is known for his capacity to imitate others’ forces. He employs a bow and bolt in the new trailer, which further energizes hypotheses that Hawkeye will show up in the Phase Four film.

Other Things That The Trailer Depicts

Drill sergeant’s appearance operating at a profit Widow trailer denotes the first run through he’s at any point been displayed in live-activity. While his appearance is brief, fans quickly saw he battles with a bow and bolt. Reddit client liftersunited contended that Taskmaster may really be a youthful Clint Barton. Mostly, Taskmaster would be uncovered as the ace bowman in some limit as a sleeper cell specialist.

Hawkeye hasn’t been affirmed to show up in Black Widow, however, if he does, almost certainly, Taskmaster experiences him sooner or later at an early stage in the film, at that point learns his capacities to use against Natasha. They’re most likely not a similar character.

Slave driver is generally depicted as a hired soldier and, while he has an arms stockpile of weaponry, he’s known to essentially convey a sword and a duplicate of Captain America’s shield, not a bow and bolt. It’s additionally conceivable that Taskmaster considered Hawkeye and the remainder of the Avengers through some video and scholarly their capacities that way.


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