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Boss Killed His Employee Later Sets Fire To His Body After He Demanded Outstanding Salary

A man in Bengaluru was captured after he killed his worker for requesting his exceptional pay.

Requesting his exceptional pay end up being lethal for a man in Bengaluru after his angry supervisor purportedly pummeled him to death and dumped his body in a lake.

A week ago, a man was supposedly killed and set on fire by his manager in Bengaluru after he requested his remarkable pay from him. The occurrence occurred inside the restrictions of the Ramamurthy Nagar police headquarters. The prime denounced has been captured.

The denounced was supposedly helped by another man who helped him dumping the perished’s body. The prime charged claims a packers and movers organization in Bengaluru. The perished, recognized as Srivinivas used to function as a driver for the charged. The expired used to convey merchandise at the doorsteps of the clients.

The charged were distinguished as Krishna and Mayakrishna. Krishna is an inhabitant of Chintamani and Mayakrishna is a local of Ulsoor, Bangalore Mirror detailed.

Charged intended to kill perished

On March 10, Srinivas moved toward his boss and requested that he pay his exceptional pay. Miffed at the move, the charged brought forth an arrangement to kill Srinivas. Rather than having a conversation with his representative, the blamed made the radical stride for slaughtering him.

The body began radiating foul smell

The driver was resting when Krishna assaulted him with stones, slaughtering him. The blamed didn’t stop here. The denounced additionally set the dead body on fire before dumping it. With the assistance of Mayakrishna, the charged took the body to the Rampura lake and dumped it inside. The occurrence became known when the disintegrated body began exuding a foul smell and local people educated the police. Subsequent to being educated, the police propelled an examination concerning the case and hanged

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