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Childhood Friend Stabbed 16-Year-Old Girl, Physically Abused Her To Death


Nevada teenager found dead in the desert who was physically assaulted, stabbed and suffocated by his childhood friend, police said.

The teen girl was last seen with a guy

As per the reports, the victim is identified as Britney Ujlaky (16), who was last seen around 4:30 p.m. On March 8, before high school, she got into a green Ford F-150 pickup truck with a tall, unknown man wearing a cowboy hat, at least according to her rodeo friend Bryce Dickey, said to district officials.

The girl dreamt of becoming the queen of the rodeo

Several days later, authorities found Ujlaky’s body while her childhood friend “older brother” Dickey mourned his death on Facebook. He also visited vigils and memorials for the murdered teenage girl who dreamed of one day becoming “queen of the rodeo”.

Dickey, the elder brother of the victim turned out to be the culprit

About a week after his Facebook launch, authorities arrested Dickey and charged him with Ujlaky’s death. According to investigators, Dickey invented the suspect and there was no green Ford pickup truck with an unknown man in a cowboy hat behind the wheel.

Autopsy reports revealed the truth

Dickey’s boots and a used contraceptive were reportedly found with his DNA from Ujlaky’s body. According to Oxygen’s criminal complaint, Dickey is accused of physically molesting Ujlaky before cutting his neck and suffocating him.

“My daughter was a cursed virgin, there was no consensus agreement,” the victim’s mother, Alisha Ujlaky, told Oxygen.

According to the victim’s friend, Cheyenne Fry, Dickey had previously expressed interest in Ujlaky but ultimately declined.


Dickey appeared in court for the first time Tuesday before Justice of the Peace Mason Simons in Elko. According to Elko Daily Free Press, he was charged with murder using a lethal weapon during a physical assault or an attempted physical assault.

District attorney Tyler Ingram has the opportunity to request capital punishment if Dickey is convicted.

Dickey remains behind bars without bail.

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