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Nurse Kille Herself After She Contracted With Fears Allegedly Fearing She Would Infect Others


A young nurse in Italy reportedly committed suicide for fear of spreading the deadly coronavirus to patients.

The nurse thought she would infect the patients

According to the reports, Danielle Trezzi, 34, committed suicide after testing positive for the coronavirus. She feared that she had spread the virus during the treatment of patients in Lombardy, one of the most affected regions of the country.

The Italian National Federation of Nurses confirmed Trezzi’s death in a Daily Mail press release, saying the nurse was “very stressed” due to the devastating health crisis.

The nurse was kept in quarantine after testing positive 

According to the report, Trezzi worked in an intensive care unit until she was quarantined and tested positive for the virus that causes COVID-19.

The cause of her death is still unclear

The details of her specific cause of death are not yet known. The director of the hospital where she worked told the media that Trezzi had been out of work since March 10 and that she had not been monitored.

“Each of us has chosen this profession for good and unfortunately also for evil: we are nurses,” says the statement from the National Federation of Nurses.

Her colleagues and doctors mourned for her death and were showed their grief for the loss. They showed sympathy towards her family too.

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