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Rick And Morty Season 4 Episode 6: What’s The Release Date And Storyline For It? Details Inside.

Fans were elated when popular animated series Rick And Morty season four premiered with five episodes. However, fans seem to be waiting longer than expected for other episodes that are yet to get a release date yet. Although it was confirmed that season four would be split into two halves consisting of five episodes each, the wait seems like forever for fans.

When Will The Remaining Episodes Of Rick And Morty Season 4 Release?

However, it seems like the wait won’t be long enough as the voice of Summer, Spencer Grammer, revealed that she’s finished recording the script for season 4 episode 10. Moreover, she has additional work to do after the fact.

The official Twitter site has also assured fans that the remaining episodes will be back in this year itself. However, fans fear that the Coronavirus attack will lead to an apparent delay in the release date. Fans were pretty much agitated when the show’s official account dropped a video but still no news on the release date for episode six.

Fans Are Urging The Makers To Release The Episodes As Soon As Possible!

During this time of a global crisis, our favorite pair has posted a video on Twitter reminding fans to watch their hands and stay safe. Fans are also posting and expressing their anxiousness and want to binge-watch the remaining episodes as well. Let us take a look at the Twitter post.

However, it is pretty much sure that the recent turn of events of the global pandemic will lead to a considerable delay in the release of the episodes. So, fans have to wait for a longer period of time than expected. Moreover, Harmon has revealed they are literally writing season five while finishing season four just to force themselves to commit to a certain schedule.

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