Tennessee Granddaughter Who Brutally Murdered Her Grandparents Smiles During Mugshot After Being Arrested

Katelyn D. Taylor, of Camden
Source: Daily Mail


A Tennessee woman smiled at her photo after police arrested her for allegedly killing her grandparents.

The suspect is identified as Camden’s Katelyn D. Taylor, who got arrested on Monday for two murder cases. According to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, she is accused of killing her grandparents Eugene McDaniel (82) and Celeste McDaniel (67).

The officers learned through a call that the couple is killed

According to a Camden Police Department press release, Camden officials conducted a social checkup of a house on Vicksburg Avenue around 7:40 a.m. Monday, Jackson Sun reports. Police responded to the house after someone called and said that one of the residents of the house didn’t reported to work.

According to the police report, the doors of the house were closed when the police arrived. When they entered, they located the victims inside.

Reason of killing is not clear

The motive behind the killings is unclear. Authorities have yet to release information on how the victims were killed. The bodies of deceased couple are sent for autopsy.

Taylor will be sent to hospital for her mental health and psychological checkup. Officers are still investigating in the case to find the reason of killing.


As per the reports, Taylor used to live alone with her grandparents.

Taylor was sentenced to a Benton County prison for two criminal murder cases. Her deposit is $ 500,000.

This is a developing story.


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