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Young Nurse In Italy Kills Herself After Testing Positive With Coronavirus Because Of Fear She Could Infect Others

A youthful medical caretaker in Italy has apparently ended her own life over worries that she was spreading the lethal coronavirus to patients.

The nurse took her own life after testing positive for the coronavirus

As indicated by the Daily Mail, 34-year-old Danielle Trezzi ended her own life in the wake of testing positive for the coronavirus, dreading she had spread the infection while treating patients in Lombardy, one of the nation’s hardest-hit regions.

The National Federation of Nurses of Italy affirmed Trezzi’s demise in an announcement acquired by the Daily Mail and said that medical caretaker was under substantial worry because of the overwhelming wellbeing emergency.

Trezzi had been working in an intensive care unit

As per the report, Trezzi had been working in an emergency unit she tried positive for the infection that causes COVID-19, so, all in all, she went into isolate.

Insights concerning her particular reason for death are not yet known. The administrator of the medical clinic where she worked told the news outlet that Trezzi had been away from work since March 10 and was not under observation.

The National Federation of Nurse statement-

Every one of us has picked this calling for good and, shockingly, additionally for awful: we are medical attendants, the National Federation of Nurse articulation peruses to some degree.

The condition and worry to which our experts are oppressed are under the eyes of all.

Source: crimeonline.com

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