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Hawkeye On Disney+? Revealed Or Cancelled? Here’s What We Know

Jeremy Renner raised his eyebrows this week when he used the coronavirus pandemic as the basis for a request to cut child support payments by a third. His argument is that the impact on the film industry will significantly reduce his earnings in 2020, which are already lower since they do not appear in an MCU film.

The project will start in September 2020

His next major MCU project is the Disney + Hawkeye show, which we heard in early February and which will begin in September 2020 with an exit in the fall of 2021.

Hawkeye falls under this umbrella, and although every film and television production from Marvel Studios experiences delays due to the coronavirus, it should be relatively isolated from it. The show is currently in pre-production, and even the most pessimistic forecasts for the pandemic indicate a return to normal appearance before the end of the summer.

Disney has decided to separate the series

But when it all comes back to the calendar, including Disney + peers like Loki and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, it seems Hawkeye is experiencing more delays. And that, coupled with the bad publicity Renner received last year, could mean that Disney has tacitly decided to completely separate the series.

MCU fans might have to wait long to watch their favorite characters

However, the February report showed that Marvel Studios saw a year between the filming of Hawkeye and its first episode. If the show was postponed for a shoot in 2021, it means we may not see it for two years. And will someone else take care of the character right now?

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