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Salt Lake Man Physically Attacked Lesbian Lady, Telling He’d ‘Fix The Gay,’ Cops Say

Police captured a Salt Lake man who they state explicitly ambushed a lesbian lady, revealing to her he would fix the gay.

Salt Lake police on Thursday said the case is being examined as a potential abhor wrongdoing.

Adam Quinn Atwood, 34, was captured Wednesday for the examination of item assault, persuasive homosexuality, abducting, disturbing rape and coercive physical maltreatment.

A lady, who told police she is gay, went to visit her companion in Salt Lake City on Sunday night. The companion’s significant other, Atwood, was likewise there. Sooner or later during the night, the companion nodded off and Atwood and the lady kept talking.

According to a police affidavit

(The lady) expressed the speculate started contacting and snatching her, as indicated by a police sworn statement.

Atwood then explicitly attacked the lady, police say. The lady told Atwood no and instructed him to stop, the sworn statement states. Atwood purportedly reacted by asking her on the off chance that she was certain she didn’t care for it and on the off chance that she was certain she was gay.

As the lady endeavored to go out, Atwood snatched her by the rear of the neck and constrained her to go into the house, the oath states, and afterward took the lady to the storm cellar where he gagged her and again explicitly attack her.

The lady said she continued disclosing to Atwood she doesn’t care for folks trying to get him to stop. She said Atwood disclosed to her he was going to fix the gay, as per the sworn statement.

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After progressively physical and physical maltreatment, the lady had the option to make a run for the staircase and out to her vehicle.

(She) expressed she made it to her vehicle and as she bolted the entryways the suspect approached the vehicle and shouted, ‘You better not tell anybody, police composed.

Officials noticed that the lady had wounds that validated her story.

The casualty submitted to a rape assessment which recorded a few wounds that are predictable with the casualty explanations, the testimony says.

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When captured, Atwood expressed, I didn’t assault anybody, as per police.

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