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American Horror Story Season 5: Here’s How Our Favourite Character Queenie Was Able To Escape From The Hotel Cortez.

While some of the characters from American Horror Story are just evil personified, we were really sad when our beloved character Queenie was killed and trapped at the Hotel Cortez. It seems as of there was no alternative to her otherwise grim storyline!

How Did Queenie From American Horror Story End Up In Hotel Cortez?

Although after some hijinks in season 8, she was finally able to escape! How did that happen? Let’s find that out. After we saw that Queenie has quite an interesting backstory that included her being descendant of both the Salem witches and the voodoo priestess. She was also a self-proclaimed “human voodoo doll” and was able to transfer self-inflicted wounds and pain to others.

Although her plans don’t go as expected for a while after she tries to kill Ramona who tried to drink her blood, Queenie was stabbed by James March played by Evan Peters. That’s how she died in the hotel and her spirit forever trapped in the hotel itself.

How Did Her Soul Get Freed From Hotel Cortez Despite Several Failed Attempts?

However, despite several.attempt to save Queenie’s soul from the hotel by Cordelia, all her attempts go in vain. At last, it is the antichrist, Michael Langdon who is now to free Queenie’s soul from the hotel. However, when she discovers that Michael is the antichrist they tried to attack him. Although nothing like that happens and Michael ends up destroying her soul. However, after this

Things somehow settle down when on Mallory’s first day at the academy, she is able to convince Queenie to stay in Venice instead of Los Angeles. This is how Mallory success in preventing her death and saving her soul from being trapped at the Hotel Cortez. This is how Queenie’s story is finally restored in the show.

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