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The Last Kingdom Season 4: Has Netflix Cancelled It, What’s Taking So Long For Its Release

Here is everything that is needed to be known about the show, The Last Kingdom, on Netflix!

Well, prepare all your shield walls because the historical drama, The Last Kingdom, on the streaming giant Netflix has been renewed for a fourth season. The show is solely based on the novel series called The Saxon Stories by Bernard Cornwell.

When will the fans be provided with a confirmed release date for the series?

All the fans of The Last Kingdom can rejoice because a guaranteed release date for the series has been confirmed. The fourth installment of this epic show will arrive on Netflix on the 26th of April 2020, which is a Sunday.

We were provided with this great news back in December of 2018 via the official Twitter handle of The Last Kingdom. Then later in April of 2019, it was confirmed by Netflix that filming had started on ten new episodes for the show.

Here is what the cast of The Last Kingdom season 4 might look like!

It looks as if, like the book, The Pagan Lord, which was published back in 2013, is the next book to be adapted for the series. The plot in this tale jumps ahead a decade. If Netflix sticks to this timeline change, the creators of the show would require a fresh batch of young actors that includes children of Uhtred by Gisela, who are now all grown up.

Well, here is what we think the cast would look like if the tale does not ship to an alternate timeline. The list goes like;

  • Alexander Dreymon will reprise the role of Uhtred of Bebbanburg
  • Joseph Millson will do the part of Dreymon’s uncle Aelfric
  • Ian Hart will enact the character of Father Berocca
  • Toby Regbo is going to reprise the role of Aethelred
  • Emily Cox is going to do the part of Brida
  • Timothy Innes is going to enact the character of Kind Edward
  • Eliza Butterworth will reprise the role of Aelswith
  • Mark Rowley is going to do the part of Finan
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