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What Problems Aliens Are Facing In This Coronavirus Epidemic

While there was a chaos of Trump dismissing the coronavirus by comparing the death toll to the flu, there was an incident at the back studying the copy of science journal about the new book extraterrestrials. The conundrum which is named after physicist Enrico Fermi raised it over the lunch with co-scientists around 70 years ago, has numerous answers.

It stated that life requires extraordinary conditions to form and it had evolved beyond the microbial and gain intelligence. It is believed that some small species also develop technologies rarely. Maybe there would be little difference in detecting advance aliens by the likes of humans, and possibly there are chances that they would have cordoned off our solar system as a wildlife preserve or just as a slum.

Moreover, there are most disturbing explanations for alien absence would be the technological civilizations don’t last long and they might get destroyed themselves or succumb to other natural disasters before they leaving marks on their surroundings. One such disaster and egregious example of civilizational crime would be COVID-19.

While this natural calamity is unlikely to end all the human life and society on the Earth, it points us how even more pandemic impact of war or another natural or artificial catastrophe could do so someday in the future.

During late 2018, SETI touched the question of how long would this technological civilization survive, which seeks to estimate how many civilizations the galaxy would possibly hold.

Source: Splice Today

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