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Jessica Chastain Rejected A Role In Doctor Strange, Here’s The Actual Reason

The artist Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is still listed as shooting in June. This is despite not having a completed script, not having a director by the Sam Raimi is still in negotiations in meetings and yet to be officially announced and not having a confirmed cast.

Jessica Chastain Denied The Role

According to the sources that McAdams was actually the studio’s second choice and that they were very close to signing the artist Jessica Chastain for the part. The series Doctor Strange writer C. Robert Cargill has explained what happened in an appearance on the Junkfood Cinema podcast.

The player Jessica Chastain made the right call here. Night Nurse really not the most interesting character, and her origins are pretty dated. The actress is also absolutely right to say that you really only get one chance to join the MCU studio though Laura Haddock managed to appear in both Captain America and Guardians of the Galaxy as different characters, her ballet skills mean that she could do some kickass intricately choreographed fight scenes.

Reason Behind The Rejection

Of course, the artist Jessica Chastain went on to play the villainous Vuk in X-Men Dark Phoenix last year. That also did not give her a great deal to work with, but at least she got to ham it up as a nigh-invincible alien overlord. It survives to be seen when the MCU studio will find a hero deserving of her talents and skills but with the upcoming phases set to introduce many new heroes, now let us hope her agency has Kevin Feige’s phone number.

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