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Tom Hanks And Rita Wilson Return To The US After A Period Of Quarantine In Australia

Finally, something good came amid a crisis. The Oscar-winning actor and his singer-lyricist wife, Rita Wilson, are back home, and they shared this news on social media. Their return has infused a ray of hope in these dark times when all the countrymen are fighting the menace of COVID-19 by staying at their homes. The couple was tested positive for COVID-19 when they were in Australia for the filming of a movie.

The sudden news shook the fans, and they received prayers from across the world, and finally, god saved the duo. At one point, things appeared going south, but the recent post from Tom Hanks stating that they were back home and joined the countrymen to fight the coronavirus shoulder to shoulder. They will be sharing their experience and caution the fans on do’s and don’t when the number of corona positives is increasing.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson
Source: India Today

On Saturday, Tom Hanks tweeted about his arrival to the US and also ensured the fans that they would be doing social distancing. This implies that the actor doesn’t want the fans to take this lightly and help the government and authorities to contain the spread of the virus. This is something which was expected from an actor of his stature and the mass appeal he has.

The couple were quarantined in Australia, and they kept updating the fans on their whereabouts. They were appealing for social distancing and isolation, even when they were getting treated for the virus. And now when they are back in town, they are doing what a responsible actor is supposed to do. Tom Hanks was in Australia for a movie on the life of Elvis Presley, and Rita Wilson had a performance at the Sydney opera house. This was the time when they were exposed to the virus, and the news took the fans by their nerve.

The news shook the fans, and suddenly everybody was concerned about their health. Multiple sources were reporting the news, and this is something that left the fans thinking about the couple’s health. The news also led to the suspension of the movie, and Warner Bros confirmed that the movie stands suspended till things go back to normal. Now when they are back in the US, they will be sharing their daily routine and how they maintained calm in the whole quarantine period.

Recently news came in from his sister, who was in Italy that they were doing well, but the recent news is something which sighed relief to his fans. So this virus is something which understands no boundaries, people, or anything, so it’s better to keep yourself home quarantined. We all are waiting for an elaborate account of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson’s experience of their quarantine period. Their message will encourage people to stay at home and help contain COVID-19 and save innocent lives.  Once they give any new details of their stay in quarantine, we will update you.

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