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House Of Dragons: Is The Game Of Thrones Spin-Off Having A Release Date?

Here is everything that we need to know about the upcoming confirmed show, House of The Dragon, on HBO!

As all the fans of Game of Thrones know that now their favorite show has finally come to an end. But so far, the world of Westeros lives on in the form of many spin-off series that are available in various stages of development.

Even though we had a final season of Game of Thrones receiving mixed responses from both the critics and the audiences, none of these factors have dampened the enthusiasm of fans for the spin-offs which is going to be brought into life from the epic fantasy book series that is written by the author George R.R. Martin. These books are bundled up in one box with the title ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’.

What are the new updates about this show which will serve as a prequel to Game of Thrones? Read further to find out.

Even though the fans have been very hungry for the spin-offs, the whole path has not exactly been a smooth sailing one for the spin-offs. It was originally announced back in 2017 about the five pitched series, two of these have been killed while the remaining three appear to be in project limbo.

All this while, we have a new surprise sixth show that has received a full series of order back in October of 2019. Another news broke out on the same day that HBO was tabling the only previously announced series to have made it o the pilot phase.

But when will we finally be able to see this new show?

This new show is going to be a prequel entitled House of the Dragon. An initial season consisting of 10 episodes has been ordered by HBO but unfortunately, there is no news about a release date for the series. Casey Bloys is the president of HBO and she has disclosed that we can expect these new episodes to launch sometime in 2022.

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