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Steve Carell And John Krasinski Have A Good News For Fans And Its About [Spoiler]

John Krasinski wants to bring good news to the world amid all the bad

The actor/writer/director posted good news Sunday with a video he posted on YouTube featuring a guest on his former co-star Steve Carell of The Office.

Krasinki told viewers that this was a follow-up to last week’s tweet asking people to “submit stories that made you feel good this week or things that made you smile.”

The actor was dressed in a suit with a tie

In a suit and tie with an “SGN” sign behind him indicating that his daughters had succeeded, he explained at the start of the video: “I have been wondering for years why there is no information program Special news? Well, I was desperately looking for my solution elsewhere and I contacted you all this week and I asked you for good news.

He interviewed a cancer patient who recently recovered

He also interviewed a 15-year-old girl named Coco, who had just finished her last chemotherapy and arrived at a house on a street full of cheering neighbors.

The two actors recalled the memories they shared together

And when he realized that this year is the 15th anniversary of the premiere of the American version of The Office that Krasinski gave him his escape role, he interviewed Carell by video. The two shared memories of working on the series and Krasinski also noted that while calling a cast meeting, fans are only hoping they can have an off-camera reunion sometime after the show ends. Coronavirus crisis, “like people just to say hello.”

Carell also joked with Krasinski, “I guarantee that the bottom half of what you wear doesn’t match the top half.” An integral part of the 80s.

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At the end of the session, Krasinski said: “I am John Krasinski and this is SGN. He asks you to remember, no matter how difficult life is, there is always something good in the world and we will do it next time you see. good evening. ”

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