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Messiah Season 2 Canceled By Netflix! Here’s What We Know

Messiah season 2 canceled?

Last Thursday, the shocking news was published on Wil Traval’s Instagram. The actor confirmed in a post that the next season of the Messiah had been canceled by Netflix.

The series received mixed reviews

The thriller received mixed reviews after its release on New Years Day. It was created by Michael Petroni and produced by Mark Burnett and Roma Downey of The Bible. Messiah explored the boundaries between religion, belief, and politics. The series was about what it would be like if Jesus came back a second time. It all begins when Al-Masih (Mehdi Dehbi) claims that he is the true son of God.

Why is it canceled?

The series has faced many controversies. Admittedly, it is very unusual for Netflix to cancel a series after the first season. Even the most essential take at least two seasons. This shows that either the show was going badly in the audience or that they didn’t want to delve into the controversial subject.

The Royal Jordanian Film Commission has gone so far that two days before the Messiah’s Netflix debut worldwide, there has been worldwide demand that the drama not be screened in the predominantly Muslim country. This request was ignored, but now the RFC can rest easy knowing that there is no longer a second series to fear.

Other reasons

One of the other reasons Netflix decided to stop the series is that it was shot in many different countries. Given the coronavirus pandemic, this was seen as a logistical challenge.

Naturally, many fans are disappointed because many questions from the first season remain unanswered. It would have been fascinating to see how the events developed, although Netflix is ​​known to scare its viewers very well. Therefore, the fans have nothing to fear. There would soon be something else that could be watched and surprised.

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