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What Do We Do In The Shadows: Will It Return For Its Second Season Or Not?

The horror mockumentary returns when Season 2 of What We Do In The Shadows airs on FX on April 15th, and you see many familiar faces return.

The hit horror film What We Do In The Shadows will soon be back on TV. What can fans of Season 2 of What We Do In The Shadows expect?

The first season was a total success for fans and critics alike, as it followed the format of the original 2014 film. Although the cast may have changed, the new team of vampire roommates living on Staten Island quickly conquered the audience. What we do behind the scenes Co-creators and starring Jemaine Clement, and Taika Waititi returned to work on the series, although this time, they stayed behind the scenes. Their commitment allowed the first season to maintain the spirit of the beloved film as it continued with a new cast in a unique setting.

The release date

The second season of What We Do In The Shadows will air on Wednesday, April 15th, at 10 p.m. ET / PT at FX. As with other shows that have taken place recently, the first two episodes are broadcast in sequence, with a new episode released every week. Season 2 of What We Do In The Shadows is scheduled for ten episodes.

The Cast

Season 1 star should return, including Kayvan Novak as Nandor, Natassia Demetriou as Nadja, Matt Berry as Laszlo, Harvey Guillén as Guillermo, and Mark Proksch as Colin Robinson. It has also been announced that Mark Hamill will appear as a guest on an episode, although no information has been released about his character.

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What happens behind the scenes will go to Jemaine Clement at the top, while co-creator Taika Waititi will not be participating in the second season of What We Do In The Shadows. Waititi directed three episodes in the first season of the series.

The storyline for season 2

Due to the end of season 1, the second season of What We Do In The Shadows should begin with a focus on Guillermo. While Guillermo worked as a parent of Nandor to become a vampire in season 1, things were put on hold when DNA testing found that he was actually a descendant of the famous vampire hunter. Abraham. Van Helsing, which would mean killing the vampires he’s hanging around with. These and other dynamics will surely make fans laugh when the second season of What We Do In The Shadows begins in April.

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