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13 Reasons Why Season 4, Cancelled Or Just Delayed Due To Temporary Issue

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13 Reasons Why is an Original Netflix Series Based on the Famous Book of the Same Name by Jay Asher. It is adapted by Brian Yorkey and produced by Selena Gomez, with Dylan Minnette and Katherine Langford.

Since its first issue, it has raised considerable controversy over its request to make adolescent problems visible to adolescents: from depression, intimidation or abuse to suicide, violent radicalization or narcotics use.

And people have been looking forward to the fourth season since the day of its announcement.

Is Tom Hanks the reason behind the delay?

Although Netflix has not confirmed the release date of this fourth instalment, it is supposed to be the first of 13 reasons why season 4 would hit our screens in mid-2020.

But recent forecasts suggest that there will be a much longer delay for next season.

Although Netflix has cancelled many movie and movie downloads due to the coronavirus threat, there is another reason for the 13 new reasons for the delay in the new season. And maybe that’s why Tom Hanks.

Yes, the delay in leaving is probably due to Tom Hanks. A few months ago there was a dispute over whether Tom Hank was in the cast of 13 reasons because in Season 4 he would play one of the characters next season.

However, it was recently suspected positive for the COVID-19 test after its return from Australia.

It is believed that due to his busy schedule before and after being hit by the coronation, he was unable to attend promotional events for 13 reasons for season 4. And due to his absence, many of the events had to be postponed, which eventually caused the new season to deal with the delay in its release.

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So when season 4 will hit the screens?

The fourth season for 13 reasons for which it is not yet an official preview date, but it is possible that the new episodes will reach Netflix in August or September 2020.

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